The New Breed

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As a person, I am probably your typical millennial on the outside. I drink coffee, write blogs and play games on my phone. I grew up watching the birth of the internet, computers, phones and social media. So I’m naturally obsessed with technology and learning. 

I am a filmmaker by trade, achieving a Masters Degree. I have gone on to work in British Universities where I have advised on implementing learning technologies. I am also an investor and business owner. 

In my heart though, I am spiritual. I see how technology can make our lives so much better but how it can also take us away from our true nature. 

The best way to live is with a degree of moderation. If we are wise, we can enjoy the fruits of life, of our work and the technology we have at our disposal. If we expect too much of the promises of social media or the gloss of new technology, we may find ourselves disappointed 

That seems to be the greatest challenge of our age. 


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