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My name is Luca D’Angelo and I am a filmmaker and a writer.

To me Spirality and Technology are two parts of the same whole. That is my core belief and creed when I am making my work. I believe inspiration is magic and the act of will to take a idea from the fires of the imagination and the ritual (act) required to make it real is magic. I don’t think magic is as elusive or arcane as people think, I believe it is all around us all the time in the most mundane of ways.

People are fantasists and want to be taken on a story, we live half in the dream world and half in the physical. The narrative is one of the oldest magics of mankind. Story tells us how to live and how to love. It shows us the paths we must walk through life. It enables us to have societies allowing us to build and grow together.

I have always been spiritual and have meditated from a young age and throughout my life but I was not born to be a monk. My hope is my unique perspective may be of service to someone in someway, one day.

Making films, writing and trying to show people another side to reality that they see everyday is what I do. I am obsessed with technology, not just gadgets but capability through technological means. That is why aside from making films, my main project is constructing a enhanced sci-fi eBook where there will be integrated worlds within the book and the reader will be taken to another time and existence. If you want to find out more about me and my work. Check out my website (Link will be updated when available).

Thank you for experiencing this journey with me.

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