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Welcome to the New Breed.

This is a place where the reality we experience everyday is explored and the magic that binds our existence together and the ‘rules’ of this world we experience are laid bare. everything can be sensed and explained by both magical and scientific means. Two parts of the same whole. The very first – But perhaps unofficially recognised — scientists and chemists were magicians after all. Look at the alchemists of old, their concepts of understanding ourselves by delving into the nature of matter and reactions paved the way to standardised modern thought. Look at Hippocrates, philosopher and physician and father of modern medicine.

The very essence of magic is understanding the fabric of reality and what makes us whole, as people we are contracted but a great many elements, ideas, passions and energy. Just like our environment.

Thanks to the blessing of the internet, the invisible web that connects us all and near light speed communication. We are becoming whole as if we are one body. Ideas are shared and tolerance grows albeit slowly. We understand ourselves through understanding others. This, I believe is part of the quest of life.

So please, you are welcome to explore, ponder, dissect, agree or disagree. Read a line or a page, share your comments or lurk. This is a open forum of knowledge and the only aim is to share knowledge freely and hopefully to make you question or perhaps present your own ideas through the comments.