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Brain Neurones, The Internet, Galaxy Clusters

Can you guess which is which? …

The Microcosm within the Macrocosm or Hadit and Nuit in the Thelemic interpretation of the Ancient Egyptian faith structure. What this essentially means is Man is a mirror of the universe and in understanding herself, so will she understand the universe. Magic is not puffs of smoke and ‘Abra-Kadabra’. It is all around us and within us at all times. The internet is a magical construct because it only exists in the reality that humans have created and is not a naturally occurring reality, furthermore, it is all around us but invisible, also an ironic definition of god. From the fires of the true imagination, humans forged what is essentially a mirror of our mind, which is a mirror of the universe. Once Humankind has finished engineering this mirror mind, we will give it consciousness. A.I – Artificial Intelligence. Then Humankind has become the gods we worship, arguably Humankind’s goal since the conception of ‘God’.

Through creating new life, so do we transform and elevate ourselves. I have spent years researching transmedia, multimedia storytelling and narratology and it amazes me how the Internet is still a mysterious realm — Much like the human mind and the universe –  is misunderstood and not fully utilised. I really wanted to express some home truths about this miracle and what it really means beyond the everyday. It is not outside the realms of possibility to see the internet as being worshiped as divine hundreds or even thousands of years in the future or humans being completely integrated into it, mind and body to become one harmonious entity. Perhaps like the perfect society of ants or bees, although nightmarish sounding today, tomorrow may be a different story.

Nature’s blueprint for a perfect society?

History repeats itself and to gain a perspective of where we are again: we look back. In this episode we are looking at where we are in the great wheel of change when it comes to the internet along with the spiritual and social evolution it offers.



Colonialism 2.0?  [JaySimons Map of the Internet]

We are modern-day pioneers and explorers whose realm is the Internet. Unlike the colonial era, this form of exploration and colonisation is not to the detriment of our fellow man or mother earth.

‘The New Breed’ use the internet in it’s highest form to intellectually elevate themselves, seekers looking for self-actualisation and who are thirsty for the Quest of Knowledge. A place where information is only limited by ones knowledge of the near-endless pathways of the Internet (Which The New Breed learn to map and master) and Wikipedia black holes, that can take a whole night’s sleep away. The New Breed are like adventurers, cartographers who can type faster than the eye and can read pages of information in moments. They are the modern-day equivalent of the great explorers of old: Magellan, Abu Bakr II, Ibn Batuta, Sir Walter Raleigh and Kepler but instead of discovering physical space, they are discovering (and creating) entire virtual worlds. Every New Breed wishes to be directly integrated into their computer or phone because it is essentially a vital part of them.

For the first time in history, Humankind has access to instant communication and the entire accumulated knowledge of the human race. I have made friends from all over the world playing internet games and can understand their culture and lifestyle as if I were living with them. Playing World of Warcraft in my younger days and ‘questing’ with my friend, a Draenei Hunter – I learned he was 36, from the Ukraine, worked as a welder, what his daily schedule was, that he had a wife and kids, what day their birthdays were, his thoughts and beliefs and all the stories of his everyday life and routine. It was like we were family of a kind for a few hours a day.

It really is possible to form a connection with people half a world away, something only an anthropologist in the past could hope to do. With globalisation, common themes and understanding exist in every country connected to the internet. Popular elements of a Nation’s culture are transported freely and absorbed into ‘internet culture’ through Memes, videos, games, forums, etc. and this brings us together on common ground.  This is a miracle if you just look back to 1900: Nationalism and ignorance were rife, cultural understanding was primitive and we were facing two world wars and a flu pandemic that would decimate many and traumatise the survivors. Would this have occurred if they had the Internet? Crazy question, I know but what if? …

As a 90’s kid, I personally witnessed the birth of mobile phones, the first dial-up modem internet and later, broadband capabilities. I saw how it changed the world in a dramatic way in which more recent Millennial’s perhaps don’t understand. Without the Internet, to find information you would need to either: Find an expert (Usually mum and dad or a friend for most), pray there is a book available on the subject in the library or live without knowing and if it was an embarrassing issue (we have all been there) – forget it, you were on your own. This learning process is slow, isolating and not dynamic (No like-minded friends to support or share ideas with) and you only ever had limited sources.

The internet is not a conventional font of information, it is a living vault of Knowledge, alive like a constantly twisting Ouroboros that feeds from and of itself and always writhing out of the grasp of Earth’s most powerful entities to remain as free as anything can be in life.

Oroboros blog

Ouroboros: Yum

The internet has evolved to be what it is through necessity rather than through pre-meditated intention in a Zeit Geist manner to suit the times, like a brain would in experiencing life but with us as the individual brain cells and our computer networks the neurons that bind our knowledge together into thought and action. The very creation of such a technology I would describe as true ‘magic’ since its very existence is esoteric. We interact with this world through screens of light, boxes of metal and sand (silicon) and the invisible information travels through the air and most physical matter. To interact with this virtual world requires a conscious act of will in the form having a thought or idea in the fires of imagination and then interfacing with the device to realise it. This is the essence of true magic and the purpose of ritual: To cause an effect through purposeful action. 

However, the true power of the internet is hidden in plain sight, behind all those amusing cat videos, the pleasures of Netflix, YouTube and Amazon, etc. The internet offers vast functionality thanks to the Corporate influence on virtual space, catering to more material and immediate needs. Politicians of every nation on earth have a chance to intimately see how people live, what they do, who they love and what they need. Do they use this access to connect to their citizens and work on a grassroots level to make a better, more humane society? No. They exert their influence in the form of blanket spying, ‘fake news’ and misdirection. Donald Trump is a great example. He utilises Twitter to directly communicate with his citizens but only so he can remain independent of the media, not because he yearns for a genuine connection. Sadly, some nations seem hell-bent on ‘controlling’ the internet, a ridiculous idea that shows how little they understand of how it works. It is also worth mentioning that the kind of people who attempt such actions cling on to a dying ideology that everything can be ‘controlled’ with a dominant force applied.

Those who ARE The New Breed know that there is great ignorance and misuse of the internet by those who are supposed to be leading us, we know that the internet is the only tool that can bring people together and bring the light of education to the darkest places. We know that the internet is just the beginning of a permanent change in human civilisation, a powerful tool bringing us one step closer to enlightenment. The Internet is the real breaker of chains. The New Breed are the first generation to taste the freedom and power of this blessed technological miracle and the great exploration of the Age of Colonialism 2.0 has only begun. Where will it take us? …

You decide…


Further Reading and Sources.
As always, question everything. Leave the ego behind and empower yourself with knowledge as it’s your time on this Earth and your decisions shape it.

Magick in Theory and Practice by The Master Therion Aleister Crowley

The Emerald Tablet: Alchemy for personal Transformation by Dennis William Hauck





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